Oh Hello there,

It’s been a hot minute since I had a post up on the Blog.

Life happened (I’ve also been doing a lot of procrastinating, but hey.. 😉).

I’m back now and that’s all that matters and I genuinely want to be a lot more consistent (So help me God)

So back to the post,

The End of the year vacation has in some way become a family tradition for my family in the last couple of years. It’s not something that was officiated but we’ve sort of initiated it into our family plans.

Towards the end of 2019, My mum mentioned there being a place in Ibadan we could visit. We did our research, checked out every information they had online and it was decided we had to spend the December 2019 break there. Continue reading “VLOG: FAMILY STAYCATION AT IITA IBADAN”