The Night Before It Got Real

Thinking back to the conversations we had last night on the rooftop of the hotel we were using for the wedding, I smiled thinking how having it just made everything better.

I had told the girls I needed to retire early for the big day when I just needed some time to myself to think.

He was probably doing the same because immediately I hit my bed, I received a message from him.

Samad- Having second thoughts yet?

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GOD’S LOVE (Half way there)

You know, she loved before
At that time she thought it was the most beautiful feeling ever
And it was
Or at least she thought it was.

To have that one person she could share her thoughts with
That one person she could fall back on when things were not going well
That one person she could tell I love you so many times without a care in the world.

However, Life happened
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The Locust Beans Embarassment

Locust beans also known as Iru or Dawa Dawa amongst certain West Africans is a type of seasoning or condiment used in stews or soups.

No one can deny the importance and difference it makes when used in making soups like ‘Efo riro’ and ‘Egusi’. However, while most might disagree, for me, the smell isn’t so great and just a few months back I had a terrible experience with it. Continue reading “The Locust Beans Embarassment”


Comfortably sitting in my corner of the room as the new intern, I listened interestingly to the conversations going on around me, and one caught my attention, it was the issue of Religious intolerance going on nowadays.

It was my first official day at the media company where I planned on undergoing my one month industrial attachment, and so immediately I heard that conversation, I thought to myself, “this could be something I could write about; this isn’t such a bad first day for me after all”. Continue reading “RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE”


When I see people that keep cats as pests, i’m like OMG!!!, Really???…..

This is actually not because I hate cats, but I’ve come to realize i have a phobia for them.

I recall one experience I had recently with a cat. On that beautiful morning, i woke up to prepare for school, got up from bed and went ahead to open my door(which connected me to my roommate’s side of the room) and saw a black and white cat at my door staring at me Continue reading “AILUROPHOBIA (PHOBIA(FEAR) OF CATS)”