This is a series on my NYSC experience. Each part will be posted as experienced. Hope you enjoy.

Salam Guys,

So I’m at that point in every Nigerian graduate’s life where some dread and others are excited about.. yep you guessed it. The NYSC PHASE.



GOD’S LOVE (Half way there)

You know, she loved before
At that time she thought it was the most beautiful feeling ever
And it was
Or at least she thought it was.

To have that one person she could share her thoughts with
That one person she could fall back on when things were not going well
That one person she could tell I love you so many times without a care in the world.

However, Life happened
And Continue reading “GOD’S LOVE (Half way there)”

The Locust Beans Embarassment

Locust beans also known as Iru or Dawa Dawa amongst certain West Africans is a type of seasoning or condiment used in stews or soups.

No one can deny the importance and difference it makes when used in making soups like ‘Efo riro’ and ‘Egusi’. However, while most might disagree, for me, the smell isn’t so great and just a few months back I had a terrible experience with it. Continue reading “The Locust Beans Embarassment”

Forming Attachments Other Than Allah


I came across this on twitter the other day and it really got me thinking.
It was like the answer to everything happening around me.


If you dig deep you will understand.

The problems we all face today is mostly caused by this. We turn away from him, form attachments with things unrelated to him, and then we complain of being disappointed, we complain of being unhappy, why wouldn’t you be? Continue reading “Forming Attachments Other Than Allah”

Wake up call

The way people die nowadays is really scary. I mean you could be laughing with someone the night before, and wake up the next morning to hear about the person’s demise.

Wallah, this is some wake up call!.

And we are all still so blinded by this worldly life to even realize it.

It’s not about the number of people you know or you’ve met on earth, but how much of a positive influence you’ve been in their lives.

Imagine yourself dying today, how many people will feel your loss? Continue reading “Wake up call”


Comfortably sitting in my corner of the room as the new intern, I listened interestingly to the conversations going on around me, and one caught my attention, it was the issue of Religious intolerance going on nowadays.

It was my first official day at the media company where I planned on undergoing my one month industrial attachment, and so immediately I heard that conversation, I thought to myself, “this could be something I could write about; this isn’t such a bad first day for me after all”. Continue reading “RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE”


“Why do you cover your hair”?

When a non-Muslim or even a Muslim who isn’t practicing asks me this question, I just look at them and say ‘I cover my hair because I am a Muslim”.

They never get satisfied with this reply, so they ask further “But I know a lot of Muslim girls that do not cover their hair”… Continue reading “WHY DO YOU COVER YOUR HAIR?”