Is anyone else as excited as I am that Ramadan is here?

They say the more ones faith grows, the more changes one begins to notice in one’s life. This extends to Ramadan. Since I became a lot more conscious about my deen, I’ve constantly looked forward to Ramadan.

A couple of years back I promise you I didn’t get as excited as I do now about Ramadan.

I got to truly appreciate Ramadan the year I was in a different country and fasted for close to 18 hours. Before it came, I was so sure I was going to fall sick half way through, but it was the most beautiful experience. (Not sure why I never got around to sharing).

This year, we have sadly been faced with a pandemic and I have had to change a lot of the plans I had made to take advantage of the holy month.

I was looking forward to observing Taraweeh every night in the mosque, going for joint iftars, and most importantly performing itikaaf.

We plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of Planners

(Q8: V30)

This verse of the Quran comes to mind each time I make certain plans or look forward to something and it doesn’t go as planned.

I like to think that there is a reason for everything and Allah is not unaware of this and he will definitely make it easy for us all. Thus, Instead of dwelling on the negatives, I’ve been able to see how I can make this Ramadan beneficial for me.

Being home will provide the opportunity to perform more acts of Ibadah. Isn’t that what we all look forward to in Ramadan?

In the spirit of making Lemonades out of Lemons and trying to make the best out of this year’s Ramadan despite the pandemic, one thing I have done for myself and I would suggest to anyone looking to utilize this Holy month is to set out Goals or even a Routine.

Setting routines in the past years did not always work out because of Work. There was always something that hindered my following the routine. Being home however now provides the opportunity to follow the routine I have set for myself-More time for Memorization of the Quran, More time for Tafseer, The opportunity to complete the holy Quran more than once, etc.

How prepared are you for this year’s Ramadan?

May Allah grant us the full benefit of this holy month.

Ramadan Mubarak.


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