It was around the time she woke up each night.

Usually to answer the call of nature or say a little prayer before returning to bed.

Between 2/2:30 am.

She would usually wake up, then look out the window she leaves open for ventilation just next to the room door.

Maybe it was because she slept on her right side and the window was her first line of vision, but she always looked at it first. It had become a routine, she wakes up, looks out that window for a while, gets up, unlocks her door, finds her way to the washroom to ease herself and then heads back to bed.

This particular night however, immediately she looked out the window, she caught sight of a movement.

At first, she thought it was one of her siblings who needed something from her but couldn’t come in because of her locked door. She however brushed this off wondering why they would then be standing outside her window not yelling her name like they usually did and especially at that time of the night.

She tried to re-access the reflection outside her window and noticed it was a huge man with a mask on and it was then she began to panic.

There was someone outside her door and she had no idea who he was.

It was impossible to see the room from the outside and that was the one advantage she had. She could see the figure outside moving from side to side probably trying to make sure no one was coming.

In trying to figure out the intention of the masked man, and what she needed to do was when she heard the sound. She hadn’t heard it at first but she definitely heard the sound of whisperings and someone trying to break through her door lock.

She realized then that it wasn’t just the masked man that was outside her room, they were two or maybe even more than that. This time around she knew she needed to do something.

She grabbed the first thing in her line of vision which was her phone and began dialing the only number that came to mind. The person she had called didn’t pick up. In trying to dial another was when she heard the lock give way and the person behind the door struggling with the handle.

She immediately put her phone on silent and covered herself curled up like a ball like she usually sleeps with her over sized duvet hoping to God they were just there to steal a few things and left immediately.

She heard the door open slightly. They entered her room and begun to invade the medium sized room.

They were trying to be as quiet as possible but she could hear them. She sensed their movements; noticing when one moved towards her wardrobe, one towards the space she kept her bags and shoes, another towards her mini office where her iPad, laptop and other essentials laid and one who was by the door probably to keep watch.

She imagined they were probably more than that as the house was pretty big.

In-between the raid, She heard one of the theives say to the other to hurry that this was the last room and they had spent too much time in the house already before someone woke up.

It was also in that instant her phone which was thankfully silent begun to ring in her hand. It was her dad who wasn’t in the city at the time. There was no how she could have texted him without making movements that would catch the thieves’ attention, they clearly thought she was asleep and there was no how she could pick the call.

So, she did what she knew could help her at that moment, she kept praying and hoping they didn’t do anything to her.

The phone went off and rang a second time. She turned the screen upside down. Almost immediately, another phone began to ring in the room. She recognized the ringtone as one of her siblings’. They had taken their phones too.

One of the thieves who she presumed was the leader whisper shouted at the one with the phone to turn it off. 

She was sure it was her dad that had been calling when he couldn’t reach her. She imagined him waking up probably to ease himself, picking up his phone and seeing her missed call. Her dad was probably the most security conscious person she knew so she knew he was definitely sensing something wrong. She had never called him at that time before, and considering he and her mum were together on a staycation, they had every reason to be worried.

The thieves seemed to have been done with her room and were about leaving when  she had an inclination to scratch something on her head.

One of the thieves must have noticed the movement because she heard him say: “Boss na so so females full this house we fit share them quickly do something na abi wetin you think”.

Stupid scratch

The boss must have given him a dirty look because he didn’t say another word. They were already at the door when another thief led them on saying how it’s been a while they had all been with a woman. Before she knew it, the conversation drifted to a decision of who was going to take who. 

She was perplexed, she didn’t know what to do; whether to keep feigning sleep or to get up and do something. In that instant, she sensed one of the thieves sit on her bed. He began removing the duvet from her body starting from her leg. 

Just when he almost completely removed the duvet, she heard the whistle of the security guys in the estate.

Thank Goodness.

They usually went around at that time of the morning, but the difference between the whistle on that day was it wasn’t from a single person. It sounded like a number of security officers were outside the house.

The thieves began to panic, the one seated on her bed stood up immediately to join the others in strategizing how they planned to escape the situation. Their voices began to fade as they headed away from her room. 

The sound of the security guards’ whistles on the other hand kept going on and on and she kept wondering why it was so loud and seemed so close..

It was at that moment she woke up and realized it had been her alarm clock all along and it had just been a dream.


(P.S: This is a work of fiction. Characters and incidents are a product of my  imagination or used in a fictitious manner )


    1. Sadly only one in a thousand cases end like this, and even more saddening that it occurs.

      She shouldn’t have curled back and pretend to sleep in reality though.

      Nice write up


  1. What is really interesting about this is it’s strong attachment to reality, and how relatable all the utterances and reactions from the girl and the thieves were. Good piece👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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