Best Place To Have Pancake in Lagos? (Pancake Hub Review)

Hey Guys,

There’s this new thing I want to start on the Blog where I review Restaurants and Places I find interesting.

I have decided to start with places in close proximity to me, so if you know anywhere really cool on the mainland I could try out, kindly hook a girl up.

So, I’ve never been a fan of pancakes. I’m all for waffles when it comes to the argument between both. But in the spirit of trying out new places and because I love food and will never say no to free food, I decided to give it a try.

The first time I visited Pancake Hub (Yes guys, I’ve been there more than once so I know what I’m saying), I went with my siblings. I had been raving about the place so they had no choice but to go with me.

It didn’t take long to locate the place (If you’re very acquainted with Yaba, it’s easy. It’s in Jibowu; literally Jibowu street as stated on the website) however, we found it a little odd that there was no signage outside to signify that there was a restaurant there. Also, from the video I have shared below, you will notice that the restaurant is literally at the back of the building thus adding to its difficulty to locate. So if you’re going there you shouldn’t expect to see a signpost for ease of direction, once you find the street number(which is No 17 if I’m correct), you’re at the right place.

If you’re used to Big, Fancy restaurants and all of that, then you just might be disappointed when you get there.

Pancake hub is a small, cute, outdoor, restaurant. It’s a place you come to have a quick breakfast or brunch with a couple of friends or alone, chit chat a bit and go about your day.

Am I the only one that checks for menus online before trying out a new restaurant? I had done my research about the place, so I had an idea  what their menu looked like, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had been to places before where the menu online differed when you got there so this was good.


It’s super affordable also as you can see from the menu. We literally spent less than 5,000 Naira. We ordered the Pancake Breakfast Meal which comes with two pancakes, sausages and scrambled eggs. We also got nuggets on the side and then drinks.

Did I mention that Pancake hub is a family owned restaurant? I thought it really cool that they were always present at the restaurant to ensure it was running smoothly.

The best part of my first visit asides the food was the conversation my siblings and I had with the co-owner.

Just like every other business, it was started to stand out. As far as I know there are hardly any other restaurants in Lagos that focus on just Pancakes. According to the co-owner, the business started really slow and they encountered a lot of difficulties as expected. Some of them were the deliveries, the signage, amongst others. With time, they’ve tried to address the issues, and they’ve tried to focus on not just selling pancakes but the experience.

It’s funny how an establishment that has just one focus- Pancakes, can attract so much attention. They’ve got a dish for every preference. I remember going back there a couple of weeks later with my mum and she got specially made oatmeal pancakes. Whether vegan, fatty, meaty, unsalted, salted, sweet, buttered and so on, they’ve got you covered. And their side dishes are to die for. Plus they’ve got this banging Hot Chocolate that I love.

These may all seem like basic things that you can make in the comfort of your home but who really has that time these days? It’s a walk-in, well-aerated environment that’s really calming. Order your combo and it’s ready in minutes.

P.S: I’m not being paid to write this, this is all just personal opinion. You really just need to visit to enjoy the experience. It’s nowhere near amazing, but it’s popular opinion that amazing service equals amazing customer traffic.

So if you’re looking for an affordable place on the mainland to have breakfast or brunch, you now know where to go.

Check out the video below for a few clips from my visit to Pancake hub and a couple other places.


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