Conquering My Fear Of Heights At The Lekki Conservation Centre


Fear they say is a thing of the mind. I have heard this a million times, but it wasn’t until I visited the Lekki Conservation Centre that I truly believed it.

I’ve been stalling going to this place for a couple of years now because I just could not fathom how any sane person would want to go on the canopy walk.

You see, I have come to accept the hard truth that there a lot of things I am scared of. It’s a no brainer to pretend I don’t anymore. I am the girl that gets frightened at the slightest sound, I get told every now and then that I might just end up giving myself a heart attack because most of these fears are just unnecessary. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of my phobias happens to be heights, I don’t do heights, they are not my thing. The thought of walking on the shaky canopy walk as I had seen on a number of videos just seemed really terrifying. But I decided screw it, If I don’t do it now, It’ll forever be on my mind.

We visited LCC on a Public Holiday so typically there were a lot of people there. Thankfully, we took an Uber as opposed to driving as the place was fully packed with hardly anywhere to park.


Once we got in, we were directed to the payment section where we found out there was no option of card payment. Apparently their POS had just stopped working. We paid a fee of 3k per person i.e. 1.5k for entrance and 1.5k extra for the canopy walk.


A tour guide gave us a brief history of the place before and as the tour progressed. It was all fun and games with us even coming across a number of monkeys till we got close to the canopy walk.


Those of us that opted to go on the canopy walk headed towards its direction, whilst the others, mostly those who came with kids took another route to explore the other parts.

As we headed to the canopy walk, I kept telling myself not to back out: “Why would I come all the way and not go on the walk? What is fear?”

IMG_8142.JPGThis thought was short-lived till I got on the canopy walk. It was everything I expected it to be and more.

There were points where it was so shaky I was so sure I was going to fall(Yes, I am that dramatic). The thoughts in my head whilst on the canopy walk ranged from: “Who sent me?, Isn’t this a suicide mission”, “If I knew this was how I was going to die, I would have prepared better”. I made so much noise my brothers kept telling me to keep it together, I mean is this intentional? Will I keep shouting if I wasn’t scared?

But as we kept moving from one canopy walk to the other, it got easier, and guys, we made it to the end. I’m so glad I finally got to tick it off my bucket list. I’m probably still a little paranoid about heights but I took the first step towards this.The other parts of the Conservation centre included an area for picnics, a play area  for table tennis, football, a fish pond amongst others.IMG_8174

It’s definitely a place I’ll want to visit again, for the picnic this time though. I feel like the Canopy walk is best experienced once and that’s it.

Have you been there? You should totally check it out.

Below is a video compilation of Clips I took during the visit.

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