The Night Before It Got Real

Thinking back to the conversations we had last night on the rooftop of the hotel we were using for the wedding, I smiled thinking how having it just made everything better.

I had told the girls I needed to retire early for the big day when I just needed some time to myself to think.

He was probably doing the same because immediately I hit my bed, I received a message from him.

Samad- Having second thoughts yet?

Me- Lol. Joker. Watchu doing? 

Samad- Thinking. Can’t sleep

Me- Sigh. Same here. 

Samad- Do you want to get away for a bit? 

Me- Hmmn. Where? 

Samad- I don’t know. My room? 

Me- Really? 

Samad- I had innocent thoughts when I said that. 

Me- Yeah right. 

Samad- Lol. But really I don’t know where else we could have as much privacy. 

Me- Should we take a walk then?

Samad- Err. Not really up for that. I need somewhere where it’s just US. 

Me- Hmmn. 

Samad- Oh right. Rooftop? 

Me- Sounds fine

Samad- See you in 5? 


I quickly got off my bed, threw a scarf on the Pjs I was wearing, looked at my reflection in the mirror and went out the door hoping I didn’t bump into anyone I knew on the way up.

He was already there by the time I got there.

“Woah, It’s Cold”. Was the first thing I said when I opened the door.

“Ofcourse you didn’t come with a sweater. This is why I have to marry you so you don’t end up making some other man worry sick about you like I do all the time” He said as he put the extra sweater he had thoughtfully brought along around me.

“Shut up” I said laughing.

He still had his arms around me and we stood there for a while just looking at the sky.

“It’s beautiful” . I said after a while.

“Me? I already knew that. “He said smirking.

“Jerk. The sky”. I said

“And you are even more beautiful, Talia”. He said turning me around and looking  deep into my eyes. He has done this so many times but each time my heart skips a beat.

I smiled and rested my back on the wall as he looked away into the sky.

“You haven’t called me that in a while” I said doing the looking now. He calls me T, babe or wifey, and only calls my full name when he’s serious.

“You alright babe?”. I added

He sighed and finally looked at me.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m getting married to the best woman there is. One who’ll give up everything to see me happy. One whose smile alone.. as cliche as it sounds makes my heart skip a beat. One who I can’t go a day without talking to, one who I can’t wait to officially be mine and I can finally call wifey without getting weird looks”.

We both laughed. There had been instances where we had gone out together and he would call me wifey and people were either looking at us weirdly or checking out for rings.

Thankfully we were engaged then.

“What’s wrong samad?”. I said

“I’m scared T”. He said

“Scared?” I asked worried now

“Yes. Scared. Scared I won’t be able to make you as happy when it becomes all real, scared we might end up like those couples that end their marriages because of unresolvable problems, scared we won’t have moments like this anymore, scared that I might forget to tell and show you how much I absolutely adore and love you on a daily, scared that I won’t be able to make you smile that smile that melts my heart anymore, scared that when we have kids they may take away the time we have for each other, scared.. of just everything.. ”

It felt like I was in a movie scene just standing there watching and listening to him say all of those words.

I sighed.

“You scared me babe, I thought something bad happened” I said.

“I was thinking just the same thing earlier you know, about just how everything is about to change and how I’m scared we might not end up meeting each other’s expectations and how me might end up being different people when we’re finally married… but you know what? Hearing you say the same thing right now, I’m really not worried anymore. You know why? Because this.. what we have is real babe. And our fear is a healthy one. I just know that with what we have and Allah on our side we’ll overcome whatever it is. I love you enough to believe and work towards that and I know you’ll give whatever it takes to do same, so we’re good babe okay? “.

He was looking at me that way again but with a smile on this time.

We stayed like that for a really long while before he said: “I love you way more than you’ll ever know Talia Muhammad”

We both laughed. Muhammad was his last name.

A phone call from my mum asking where I was made us retire for the night.

Back in the moment, I stood with a smile on my face in front of family and friends  about to make this man my forever.

(P.S: This is a work of fiction. Characters and incidents are a product of my  imagination or used in a fictitious manner )

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