2016: Year Of Growth? (22 Lessons In 22 Years)

I used to find it odd how at the end of each year there was always someone or even a group of people who concluded it was a year of growth for them. 

I failed to understand the possibilty of growing each year; how it was possible to grow in a way that made you a different person. However, this year I saw the yearly growth in a different light. Maybe because it was the year of my most apparent growth, but it made me realise I had grown in other years I had just failed to acknowledge them.

The year started off with me in the UK struggling to complete my first semester masters essays, and constantly worrying if I was even going to do well. I was 21, had just completed my bachelors degree and almost immediately dived into getting my masters, there was hardly any time to take a break .. I feel like my life has just been a rollercoaster of constantly looking forward to or just doing something.

But then, I guess that’s just life.

That’s not what this post is about though.

2016 was a year of self awareness for me; I realised more about myself than I did in other years. It was a year that made me realise I had not been giving myself enough attention, and the year I started to.

I could bore you guys with all of the details but I prefer not to because I feel like some things are just way too personal and are better left unshared. However, I’ve decided to share a few of the lessons I learnt this year.

Since I turned 22 this year, I’ll be sharing 22 of the many lessons I learnt in 2016:
1. Nothing beats having a good connection with one’s creator. Check the level of your spirituality every now and then.
2. Never underestimate the importance of having a family that’s always there.
3. This world is temporary. Stop living like you’re here to stay forever.
4. Self love, Self appreciation is important.
5. Enjoy each moment more. We’re all always too worried about the future that we forget about the present.
6. You are all that and more; You don’t need anyone’s validation to believe that.
7. Alone time is important. Everyone needs and should have their space once in a while.
8. It sounds really simple but smile and laugh more.
9. Be there for your friends. Most go through so much in their lives on a daily.
10. You decide what and what not gets to you. Negativity is a no no!
11. Natural is the way to go. Hair, Body, everything.
12. Because you have a good heart or because you constantly treat others well doesn’t mean they’ll return the favour.
13. Take care of yourself; Exercise, Drink more water, Use sun screen, sleep at least 8 hours, Read a good book, travel more,etc.
14. Volunteer!
15. Open up more. Not too much though, Humans are scary
16. Get to know a little about everything happening around you
17. Less social media. Less social media
18. Lowkey is the way to go.
19. Stop overthinking everything goddamit.
20. Never settle for less than you deserve
21. Do more of the things you love/enjoy
22. Everything always ends up falling into place

Do have a fab new year 🙂

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