GOD’S LOVE (Half way there)

You know, she loved before
At that time she thought it was the most beautiful feeling ever
And it was
Or at least she thought it was.

To have that one person she could share her thoughts with
That one person she could fall back on when things were not going well
That one person she could tell I love you so many times without a care in the world.

However, Life happened
And it all went sore
And for a while she didn’t want to love again
She was over and done with love.

Fast forward to a few years later
She thought she had learnt her lesson
She thought she was matured and ready enough to love again
She thought if she just used the lesson she learnt the first time in her next she will be just fine

But she was wrong
Because the lesson she thought she had learnt was not what God wanted her to learn
Because the exact thing God wanted her to learn was to avoid relying on anyone asides him for happiness
Because the reliance on anyone asides God for happiness will lead to more unhappiness.

But thank God she realised it before it was too late
Thank God she realised it before she made another huge mistake and got her heartbroken again.
Because now she has learnt self-love
Now she has learnt God’s love
Now she has learnt what it is to really love
She has learnt to put God first in everything
She has learnt that if whatever love it is does not get her closer to God
Then it will end badly
Then it’s not worth it.

Now, although she’s not there yet
She’s half way there
Half way ready to love again
Half way ready to get the greatest love she’s ever had
A love that’s filled with God’s love.


This was something I wrote earlier this year after an interesting conversation with a friend.


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