Forming Attachments Other Than Allah


I came across this on twitter the other day and it really got me thinking.
It was like the answer to everything happening around me.


If you dig deep you will understand.

The problems we all face today is mostly caused by this. We turn away from him, form attachments with things unrelated to him, and then we complain of being disappointed, we complain of being unhappy, why wouldn’t you be?
“When you begin to turn to Allah’s creation solely for guidance, provision and help, Allah’ll make you so attached to it so much that you won’t be able to do without it” and you will end up being unhappy .

As long as whatever that thing is you form an attachment with doesn’t guide or direct you to the path of Allah, you won’t get the fulfillment you desire from it.

We crave wealth, love, success, but we end up craving them so much that we end up doing anything to get it without seeking Allah’s guidance or approval, we crave it so much that it becomes dearer to us than Allah. How then do you expect yourself to gain happiness from such a thing? .

No one is saying you shouldn’t form attachments, but never rely on someone or something other than Allah so much that you begin to think without them you would not be happy because then Allah will show you that with or without them that happiness you crave won’t happen.

Every step you take, Every thing you do has to correlate with what your creator wants.

May Allah continue to make the practice of the deen easy for us all. AMIN



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