Wake up call

The way people die nowadays is really scary. I mean you could be laughing with someone the night before, and wake up the next morning to hear about the person’s demise.

Wallah, this is some wake up call!.

And we are all still so blinded by this worldly life to even realize it.

It’s not about the number of people you know or you’ve met on earth, but how much of a positive influence you’ve been in their lives.

Imagine yourself dying today, how many people will feel your loss? Even your family will end up getting over your loss, they would probably even be dry-eyed after a day or two, not to mention the thousands of friends you consider yourself having.

The part of your existence that really matters to your creator is how well you have abided by what he has ordained you to do on earth, how well you have worshipped him, how well you have observed your salat, how well you have dressed appropriately, how well you have been good and dutiful to your parents and those around you, how well you have sinned and sought for forgiveness and so on.

Every single thing you do, every single step you’ve taken, every single thing you’ve seen, touched, smelt and heard, would be accounted for on the day of judgement.


The scariest of it all is that we are aware of most of these things, but we still live our lives like we are on this earth to stay forever!

You wake up every morning, you are not grateful to Almighty Allah for making you see another day. Do you know the number of people in their graves right now wishing they could come back and have even if it was a single day, to change the mistakes they have made,and seek for forgiveness?!

Every morning you wake up is a chance to be a better person, a better muslim! To stop your bad deeds, to seek forgiveness of sins, to be grateful to your creator!.

This is but another wake up call. Just like the ones we see everywhere, and ignore.

I am far from perfect. There are so many things in my life right now I’m begging Allah to make me stay away from.

It’s not easy, it’s really hard, especially if it’s something you have been so used to. But what would make it easy for you is the remembrance every single minute of the day of how short life is, and how the hearafter is the real deal.

Those friends you are trying to impress, the girls, the boys, the men, the women, the ones that laugh at you when you tell them you are going to observe salat, the ones that caught off ties with you when you tell them the truth, when you say you don’t gossip, when you say you don’t listen to music, you don’t smoke etc. They will all be there and pass through the same judgement as you on the day of judgement. The day where there won’t be any special treatment, the only thing that would matter is where you will end up; hellfire or paradise.

Think today!, if I die today, is the good I’ve been doing enough to grant me paradise?

May Almighty Allah make it easy for us all, May He forgive us all our numerous sins, guide us to the right part, protect us from shaytan, protect us from hellfire and grant us Al janatul- Firdaus insha Allah.


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