“Why do you cover your hair”?

When a non-Muslim or even a Muslim who isn’t practicing asks me this question, I just look at them and say ‘I cover my hair because I am a Muslim”.

They never get satisfied with this reply, so they ask further “But I know a lot of Muslim girls that do not cover their hair”… I am then also forced to reply them further “Well, I am amongst the few who believe and follow the command of my God, which is that every Muslim woman, girl, or lady who is matured enough should stay covered. Every single religion has that one feature that must be abided by and one of mine happens to be covering my hair”.

Most times I don’t blame these people for these questions, but the world and even some of us Muslims. Most  parents do not even bring up their children in the way Islam has ordained and then when the kids grow up, they expect them to do things they are not used to doing.

Most of these girls that do not cover their hair do not know the importance. They do not understand why their beautifully made hairs should be hidden under some scarf or hijab. What we as Adults, Parents, Scholars and even some of their friends should do is encourage them, tell them the importance of the hijab. Do not force them, teach them while they are still young so they would not be difficult to control when they are old enough.

In the holy  Qur’aan. Allah says :

“And women should not display their beauty, except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms”(Surah 24:31).

So if you say you are a muslimah and you do not cover your hair, my dear sister, you are missing the most important part of being one.

Of course we know that starting to wear the hijab is not such an easy task if you are not used to it, but it’s all about being determined and having at the back of your minds that it is a mandatory aspect of your deen.

You’re not doing it for the world, you’re doing it for Allah.

May Almighty Allah strengthen our iman and continue to make us better Muslims.  AMIN!



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