When I see people that keep cats as pests, i’m like OMG!!!, Really???…..

This is actually not because I hate cats, but I’ve come to realize i have a phobia for them.

I recall one experience I had recently with a cat. On that beautiful morning, i woke up to prepare for school, got up from bed and went ahead to open my door(which connected me to my roommate’s side of the room) and saw a black and white cat at my door staring at me,  I was so shocked and afraid, i didn’t even realize when i banged my door and ran back to my bed.

First, apart from the fact that pets weren’t allowed in my school dorms, I had no idea there was a cat in the next room.  I immediately lost interest in going to school or even doing anything that particular day. After a while, I called a friend who I knew loved cats and who I would always be grateful to for the help she rendered that day to come assist me in leaving the room to prepare for school somewhere else.

Would always recall that day as it was a day that made me realize the phobia I had for cats.

After all these happened, I realized that the only thing that always comes to mind when I see a cat is that they are evil. This, I got from the movies I watched as a youngster back home about cats doing evil and all, (if you are Nigerian and probably yoruba you would understand this)

Fact is I still have that phobia and it’s not something I’m proud of because I can’t control the feeling when I see a cat. All I can think of is “JUST GET AS FAR AWAY FROM IT AS POSSIBLE”!!!…

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